Getting Organized: Customizable Notebook

Anyone who knows me, know that I am ALWAYS here for a fabulous notebook. While I do the majority of my organizing electronically, I still keep a notebook nearby to quickly jot down ideas.

This past weekend I was searching for a new mouse for my laptop and I came across an ad for the Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook Collection at Staples.

I have collected several notebooks over the years but none of them have really encompassed all the organization I need. It seemed they were either straight journal style with nothing but empty pages to fill or they were completely planner style with not enough blank lined notebook paper. After a bit of investigation, I found that this notebook is a great hybrid!

The-Peach-Proxy-Discbound-Open Notes


The-Peach-Proxy-Discbound-Side Pen



What makes this notebook different from others? Well for starters it’s completely customizable and allows you to add, remove and rearrange pages…and I don’t mean tear them out and have those annoying little pieces of paper falling all over the place. The paper is definitely secure but the holes are not complete…not sure if that makes sense so here’s a photo:


I love that the cover is sturdy and it has the elastic closure to keep the notebook from flying open when on the go.


The inside cover has an insert for notes, paper and also business cards

The-Peach-Proxy-Discbound-Inside Cover

You can also purchase larger expansion rings, which allow you to add more paper. Here are some other inserts you can purchase.


Have you tried any other planner/notebooks that are really good for organizing?

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